receptor Futaba Fasst FM800



The FM800 is the smallest and lightest FASST compatible receiver on the market today weighing only 2g.  The FM800 2.4GHz FASST compatible receiver is designed to work with FUTABA FASST 2.4GHz transmitters and is compatible with Futabas LBT protocol.

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Item name: Mini Receiver
Channel: 8
Weight: about 3g
Sensitivity: about -90dBm
Working frequency:  2.4GHz
Operating voltage: 3.6 ~8.4V
Operating current: 50mA, Max.
Output mode: SBUS / CPPM
Dimension: 30x14x3mm
Delay: SBUS mode 14ms @ FASST multi-channel mode, 16ms@ FASST 7CH mode
CPPM mode 21ms @ FASST multi-channel mode, 24ms @ FASST 7CH mode